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The Cellar Bar - farewell to the good old days. - at Stamford Arts Centre
The Cellar Bar    


THE CELLAR BAR was run & managed by Andy Croft and his Cellar Bar team from 1997 til January 2018. Over the 21 years he employed more than 80 local people from many and varied backgrounds. But they all had one goal  namely to create a unique social environment where everyone met and mingled and felt at home. 

Welcomed by friendly staff, the Cellar Bar was a central social hub for the Town of Stamford in general.The Arts Centre building, which houses the bar, belongs to Burghley Estates and was given  by them to the Town in the 1970's to use as an arts centre, where anyone could have access to all forms of 'the arts' no matter what their background. The building is run by SKDC.

    It has been a regular meeting place for nearly 40 years and is one of the oldest, longest to remain open bars in Town.

Andy Croft has now ceased to run the franchise for the Cellar Bar after 21 years. He can still be contacted directly by either :-

 Ringing or texting 07903194631  

                                    or email      [email protected]

 "I wish to thank all the loyal supporters who have kept this bar going over the years, through threats of closure and often poor support from SKDC, on many occasions.
    Back in 2010 I believe it was stated that The Cellar Bar is stuck in the past and 
this is really a chance to do something different."
                         Time for a new challenge.     Farewell.             

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